Hình ảnh hoạt động thiện nguyện của WIS

Hình ảnh hoạt động thiện nguyện của WIS
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I would like to thank the school (WIS) for the way they are teaching our children. Bringing them to an institution like this—teaching them love and respect for old people will help them become better persons when they grow up.” This was the essence of the message of Mr. Truong Ai Viet (Tung’s dad-k2) to parents, teachers and staff and the community during the visit to the Vien Duong Lao Home For The Aged. Mr. Truong’s message was very emotional and strong. He challenged everyone to continue to give love and respect for the elderly.
No amount of gifts, money or other materials that can quench the thirst for love and affection of the elderly. All they need is time to spend with them. We brought them small presents as a token of love, it did not matter to them what was inside the pack. They were exhilarated by the fact that we took a morning off and brought the kids from school and spent time with them – playing, dancing and simply sharing love! The joy in everyone’s face was contagious.
Special thanks for all the parents who supported the auction of the Pottery products. The money that were collected from the said activity was used to buy materials and food items brought as gifts for the center. Likewise, a check was also given as part of the gift.
Worldkids International School would like to extend our appreciation to all the parents who tirelessly support the school’s endeavor to provide a meaningful and relevant education for the children.

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