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Corporate social responsibility – WIS

I would like to thank the school (WIS) for the way they are teaching our children. Bringing them to an institution like this—teaching them love and respect for old people will help them become better persons when they grow up.” This was the essence of the message of Mr. Truong Ai Viet (Tung’s dad-k2) to parents, teachers and staff and the community during the visit to the Vien Duong Lao Home For The Aged. Mr. Truong’s message was very

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Top 5 kindergartens in Ho Chi Minh City

His house since the baby was born to now be decided at home mother care, so I just concentrated hard and just teach your baby and yourself as a mother, I also learn a lot from teaching methods for small baby . So when the child reaches school age, I really cautious and extremely difficult to find the first kindergarten for children. Because the house in Binh Thanh District, after survey in the surroundings, I and my husband decided to

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Photos school year 2016-2017 Campus 2

General Air jubilant atmosphere of the country welcomed the new school year , school year 2016-2017 . Today , the International Kindergarten Ceremony WorldKids school year in a joyful atmosphere and bustle ... Happy GV - NV collective health field lot , raising and caring for cubs well. Wish baby always smart , good student to attend school every day of the baby is the fun new ...

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