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Unlock the Power INTELLECTUAL

Has your child used up its intellectual power?

Throughout the human development, we constantly seek and unlock the mysteries of human brain in order to maximize the ultimate weapon of mankind: wisdom. That is a priceless treasure that the Creator has endowed each of us. However, it is so rich and powerful that we rarely fully explore its treasures.

Recognizing that, over the centuries, man has constantly been developing the tools, systems, methods to exploit fully the potential growth of wisdom; to show all incredible magic from intelligence.

These methods and systems mostly focus on the early phase of brain development to optimally impact on intelligence, preparing a solid foundation to grow up. Therefore, this is the secret that any parents are always seeking to help their child develop the best for a successful future.

Magic Mind – Unlock brainpower 

In a highly competitive and developing society, the most ideal preparation parents can bring the child is a sharp mind and comprehensiveness in logical intelligence, emotions, creativity and soft skills. Therefore, Magic Mind has been developed and put into use in Vietnam.

This is an American program training developing methods of thinking for children from the age of Kindergarten to Primary, currently applying the outstanding methods, teaching techniques widely used in schools as well as children’s training center in the United States.

The goal of the program is to help children “Unlock intellectual power” through the process of training with attractively interactive and exploratory activities.

With its highly practical and active learning methods, children will be equipped with highly applicable and practical skills.

  • Developing the ability to ask questions and reason logically, thus forming critical and analytical thinking.
  • Establishing and developing problem-solving skills, flexibility and decision making, thus developing creativity.
  • Increasing your communication skills and emotion management, helping children understand themselves and others; confident in expressing their views with parents, teachers and friends to develop social and emotional thinking.
  • Knowing how to actualize their ideas in a scientific process, helping develop practical thinking.
  • Developing multiple intelligences: activate equal development of both hemispheres as well as physical development to form a comprehensive intelligence.


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