Intelligent early childhood education


Intelligent Early Childhood Education.

When does the ‘Golden Age’ of children start?
‘The development of the children’ refers to the first years of life, ranging from 0-6 years old. In this stage, people can provide the stimuli to produce more neural connections in the brain to help children achieve the maximum potential. This stage plays a very important role for both physical and mental development of children, as well as the cultural understanding and perception of the child in the future. Maximizing the “window of opportunity” for young children is to help acquire, learn and develop their full potential from this important first step.

Brains – the foundation for the development of children from the first months of life
According to the scientists, from the last 3 months of pregnancy, the child development shows very clearly in the brain, and the first three years of life is the most important period for parents to invest in their children’s learning ability. In this period, the brain cells begin to develop in size and form the nervous system. The more the brain is stimulated, the more new neural pathways your brain can form and it could make the brain be double in weight. From 6 months to 3 years old, the weight of the brains of the children increases by 80% comparing to the brains of adults. From the third year onwards, the child’s brain is still developing, but slowly and in 6 years, the structure of brain connections was almost complete.
Parents need to pay attention to the child’s development right from the first years of life.

In the brain, the frontal lobe which has the largest size, about one third of the brain, is the center of intelligence, is responsible for gathering the thinking, planning, and operation of the body. It is the part of the brain that controls important cognitive skills in humans, such as emotional expression, concentration, problem solving, memory, language and judgment. The development of the brain, especially the left brain will determine the child’s ability to learn. On this platform, they begin to study the first lessons, from the slithering, crawling, sitting, standing and running … These first lessons are the key to open up the possibilities for learning and development of children in the future, when they begin to interact and become familiar with the outside world. At that time, they will use what they have learned to handle situations happening around them.

Which educational methods are best for children?
Currently in Vietnam , some methods have been applied in early childhood education. But there is a method that has been used all over the world and recently applied in Vietnam.  It is Glenn Doman method.
Glenn Doman method which belongs to US IAHP Institute, is a special method of teaching children “Activate innate potential for children” in the period of 0-6 years. This method has been popular in the US since 1955 and is currently applied by parents on180 countries worldwide. In Vietnam, recent years this approach has been known and applied by the Vietnamese parents.Although the amount is still very little, the achievement is very positive and encouraging.

1. Secret “window of opportunity”?
2. When does the “golden age” of the baby start?
3. How to activate the innate abilities of children?
4. You were great parents! Did you know that?
5. How can you do to be great parents?
Wordkids International System have adopted “smart children early education” into teaching to help the fathers, mothers grasp the scientific method of teaching children the most and learn more about Glenn Doman method.


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