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‘Kindermusik – ABC and Me’

‘Kindermusik – ABC Music and Me’ – established in 1978 – is a prestigious American music perception program and being widely used in over 70 countries. With thorough research and long experience in children education, ABC Music and Me has designed a music perception program which lasts during the first 7 years of children’s life, bringing millions of children all over the world a childhood full of joy and esential discoveries with music.

Worldkids takes its pride in being the unit teaching Kinder Musik in Vietnam, concurrently an educational training unit that contracted to Kindermusik. ‘Kindermusik – ABC Music and Me’ is applied in the whole WorldKids International School system.

Along with efforts to continuously upgrade and update from Kindermusik and the improvement to fits Vietnamese children’s physics and psychology, Worldkids believes that we will bring them interesting music lessons and surprising fun.


Benefits of Music for the holistic development of children.

The Kindermusik class that is full of dynamism and consistent with children development brings a continuity in teaching and strict content. We are always looking for ideas in the process of training children the senses. Each lesson is designed to equip children the necessary preparation before going to school, to nurture all aspects of the holistic developing process of and independent developing approaches.


Great effects of music

Kindermusik take music training to a new level. Activities combining with music and movement are methodically and creatively designed in order to enhance cognitive abilities, language, constitution, creativity and the growth of social skills and emotions. Moreover, Kindermusik pays attention to the music concepts, genres or styles, helping build respectful attitude in music and a love with this kind of art for children.

WorldKids International School takes pride of being a unit teaching Kindermusik program with the signing of Kindermusik copyright. This will be a subject that helps children develop entirely at WorldKids.