Đánh giá bài viết


WorldKids International Kindergarten grades for children of 3 -6 years old.

The Curriculum focuses on six different aspects of children’s development: ·

  • Personality, social skills and emotional sphere·
  • Communication, language and learning skills·
  • Ability of reading and writing·
  • Physical development·
  • Study of Math ·
  • Musical, Artistic expression and creativity ·
  • Discovery of the world

The curriculum for the grades is upgraded to encourage children to express themselves, become independent and more confident. Children are supported to facilitate their comprehensively physical, emotional and intelligent development, which is fundamental for children to develop their personality independently and autonomously.

In particular, children between the ages of 3 – 6 years old are poised to learn English every day with the help of Vietnamese teachers including 2 sessions a week with foreign teachers (native teachers). In addition they will have logical Mathematics lessons, the lessons of Kindermusik-copyright music programs, lessons on Montessori educational method. They also have opportunities to learn about sciences, practical life skills and take part in regular outdoor activities.