Bilingual Program (WIS) – Kindergarten


wis cs 3

The program consists of six aspects of development: ·

  • Aesthetic and arts programs ·
  • Discovery of  the world ·
  • Language and literature skills development·
  • Motor skills development·
  • Math skills development·
  • Cognitive capacity, social and emotional development

In The Kindergarten grades, children practice their self-service skills and the educational curriculum is upgraded to encourage children to express themselves, become independent and more confident. Children are supported to facilitate their comprehensively physical, emotional and intelligent development, which is fundamental for children to develop their personality independently and autonomously. Particularly, children are taught by Vietnamese teachers qualified in Nursery according to University training standards. Besides children study in English entirely with the help of Filipino teachers (trained according to preschool teaching standards), which helps your children to get ready for the study at International Primary and Bilingual schools in the future.