Bilingual Program (WIS)

Bilingual Program at Worldkids Preschool (WIS)


Chương trình song ngữ (WIS) của trường mầm non Worldkids

Bilingual System (WIS) is a Kindergarten program combination of Singapore Early Childhood Education and Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training new program. Throughout their years learning at WIS System, children get involved in activities in which their whole-child development is nurtured in the 6 following areas:

– Aesthetics and Creative Expressions.

– Discovery of the World; Language and Literacy.

– Numeracy.

– Social and Emotional Development.

– Gross Motor Skills.

At WIS, child has great conditions to get whole-child education including the above areas.

Language Immersion Environment

During the day at WIS, students start to acquire the language in a natural way by being active participants and using the language spontaneously to listen, ask and communicate with Filipino teachers, through daily routines (eating, sleeping, personal hygiene), subject matter learning (numeracy, social studies and science), and language arts (storytelling and writing). Through the immersion process, child acquire a second language like English easily and quickly. As a result, child achieve a high level of fluency like a same-aged native child.

Teaching method

Worldkids provides lively visual teaching methods, a friendly learning environment, and fully-equipped classrooms, which helps child develop their passion for learning.

Teachers are always creative in teaching activities, including Arts, Music, P.E, practical experiments, and Crafts. Your children have the opportunity to develop their Fine Motor Skills, curiosity and their exploration of the surrounding world.

Practical Life Skills, Worldkids Music, Arts, Gross Motor Skills, Aerobics, Australian 10 combination sport Ready Steady Go Kids lessons develop child’s independence, logic and creativity, and their confidence.

Teaching staff

Core Teachers are Filipinos, experienced in early childhood education, qualified and have attended WIS on-board training before officially managing the class. They are full-time teachers and mainly responsible for Singaporean program.

Vietnamese Teachers are in charge of 30 minute Vietnamese lessons every day and helps child never miss any knowledge of preschool program from Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training.

Teaching Assistants support Core Teachers and Vietnamese Teachers with the teaching and taking care of the child.


Starting from academic year 2019-2020, WIS have used Doodle Town by Macmillan Education, UK adhere to Singaporean program. The preschool language-rich syllabus uses artwork and drawing, songs, activities, values song to help kids explore English, explore the world and become 21st century citizen.


Besides values stories in the course book, WIS usually celebrate international holidays, which fosters child’s world perspective. Child gets to know different cultures, respect the diversity, and develop a positive attitude towards the surrounding world, which build their personality.

Teacher-Family partnerships

Parents are able to constantly check child’s daily schedule, menu, lesson contents and progress reports via school’s smart portal Worldkids Online. Parents are also provided Doodle Town Access Code to observe and help their child review at home.


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